Jia Jia’s Wish

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Brian and Jeri Wilson are back in Kansas with their new son, Jason Jia Jia Wilson. Ten year old Jason Jia Jia waited a long time for this day, but, finally, his prayers have been answered. He has a family!

Now Jia Jia has another dream…homes for the brothers and sisters he left behind. For this, Children’s Hope has set up an fund in Jia Jia’s honor “ Jia Jia’s Wish “ which will give grants to families adopting special needs children through Children’s Hope’s waiting children program.

CLICK ON JIA JIA’S WISH  below to help make Jia Jia’s wish come true. Choose WAITING CHILD ADOPTION ASSISTANCE as your designation at the bottom of the form.

jaijias wish

You can help Jia Jia’s Wish come true!

Read more of Jia’ Jias story.



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